Google Ads For Real Estate Investing

Google Ads for real estate investing is one of the best strategies for dialling in ROI over time. As a platform, Google Ads allows you to be able to see which keywords are creating the best conversions, which ads are getting the most clicks, and even which zip codes are generating the most interest. All it takes is some data on your side, and a working knowledge of data analysis. Okay, so it takes quite a bit of time to figure out. But that's what Lead Farmers PPC is here for! Here are a few reasons that make Lead Farmers PPC the right choice for your Google Ads management needs:

1. We Specialise In Real Estate Investing

There is a huge difference between working with a company that understands real estate investing, and a company that understands Google Ads alone. We've managed Google Ads accounts for real estate investors since 2014. That's hundreds of thousands of leads generated, and tens of millions of dollars in profit generated for our clients. Even better, every year our focus is on generating better and better ROI with our campaigns! 

2. We Have Experience In Real Estate Investing ​

We've been working in real estate investing in San Antonio,TX since 2014. How does this benefit you? Google Ads for real estate investing isn't just about...well Google Ads. You have to be able to understand the intent behind people's searches. You have to know the difference between the importance of "sell a house" and "sell an inherited house fast". As specialists in the REI field, we know what we're looking for in Google Ads leads, and we know how to work with you to get more deals done!

3. There's No Ramp Up Period

It does take a little time to get a Google Ads campaign up and running. But it should never take "at least 3 months to get things going". We've done this for a long time, so we know exactly what to start with and how to get it rolling. You'll be getting clicks and website traffic within the first month that you're up and running. From there, we'll work together to get adjustments made based on any leads coming in so that we can get focused on ROI as quickly as possible!