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How Google Ads Management Works


Fill Out The Form On The Page

This will send an email straight into my inbox to let me know that you're interested in Google Ads management. We'll have a conversation through email or over the phone about what you are looking to achieve through management, and to get the right expectation set.


Getting Setup

Once we get the details about how our businesses will be working together all ironed out, it's time to get started. We'll swap some emails back and forth to get the assets together needed to launch a campaign (mainly your website URL and Google Ads account ID). Once I have the site that we're sending traffic to and access to your Google Ads account, I'll start building out your Google Ads campaign.


Daily Management Starts

Once your campaign is all setup, daily management begins. I work in your Google Ads account daily to adjust keyword bids, split test ads, add/remove keywords based on performance, and tons of other tasks that help to focus the campaign on ROI. The only thing you have to do is provide feedback on the results!

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