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More of our satisfied customers and what they have to say about us!

"Within 2 months we had closed 2 deals based on the leads we had gotten"

"Josh has done an excellent job managing my PPC (since 2017)"

"He's taken Google Ads off my plate completely and done an amazing job with them"

"Josh with Lead Farmers PPC is great! He is responsive and extremely Knowledgeable.  I would recommend anyone in the real estate industry looking for New Acquisitions use him and his lead generation website."

Jonathan Jones / Anything Houses

"Feel like I have the best PPC guy in the business!"

Chris Lawrence / Helping Homes REI

"Josh is amazing. He always takes the time to meet with us if we need it and answers our questions in a timely professional manner."

Derek Dombeck

"I had my real estate website for a little over 2 years and had 2 leads come in through it. Since working with Lead Farmers PPC for 6 months, I’ve received multiple leads and landed 5 deals. Josh has been great! He’s been responsive and proactive. He practices an invisible magic but the results count. I would definitely recommend Lead Farmers PPC to other real estate investors as long as they aren’t in my market!"

Joe Schaak /

"Just wanted to say you have a great service. I’m getting some great leads putting some deals together. I made an easy 20k the other day off one of your leads. Great stuff!"

Tim Winfrey

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