What Our Customers Are Saying About Us

"I was able to quit my 6 figure W2 corporate job in 2018 due almost solely to the profits on deals from my PPC account that Josh set up and managed for me.  In 2017 while I was still a full time employee, I put up my first website and Josh setup Adwords and managed it for me. 1 year and $240,000 in profits later, I walked away from my 20 year career to pursue real estate investing full time. Josh has managed my PPC accounts for 4 years on 2 different websites, and my life and business has completely taken off.  Thank you, Josh!"

Owen Dashner / Red Ladder Property Solutions

"Josh with lead farmers is great! He is responsive and extremely Knowledgeable.  I would recommend anyone in the real estate industry looking for New Acquisitions use him and his lead generation website."

Jonathan Jones / Anything Houses

"Feel like I have the best PPC guy in the business!"

Chris Lawrence / Helping Homes REI

Additional Testimonials