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PPC For Real Estate Investors

Why is PPC for real estate investors such a valid strategy? It all has to do with motivation. Direct mail, cold calling, and radio ads all have their pros and cons. These strategies can be super low cost, which makes them extremely accessible to new and experienced real estate investors alike. They give you the ability to get your business and your brand in front of hundreds, if not thousands of people. You can also nail and scale these over time. So why look into an inbound marketing strategy like PPC as a real estate investor?

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The Cons To Outbound Marketing

  • Lack of Control: Outbound marketing in real estate investing often means going with some sort of "spray and pray" method. Investors will purchase lists (often the same ones that other investors are using) for mailings and cold calls. These lists are then dialed or mailed to multiple times. You have no idea if any of the people that you are interested in contacting are actually motivated to sell or not. I've definitely had my share of angry "take me off your list" calls. These efforts can be fruitful, but also account for tons of wasted ad spend and wasted time.

  • Lack of Motivation: Radio, cold calling, and direct mailing can result in tons of tire kicker leads. Since you only have so much control over the entire customer base that you're reaching out to, a lot of outbound marketing (especially in 2020) results in just as many retail-based leads as motivated seller leads. Wouldn't it be nice to eliminate some of that, and still be able to scale your efforts?

  • Unintentional Loss of Market Share: Many of my customers get leads that turn into deals from home owners who "saw their billboard" or "heard their radio ad". The majority of these customers don't have radio ads, billboards, or direct mail campaigns. Their competitors do. Homeowners want to know who it is that they are working with before contacting them now more than ever. If you don't have an inbound channel (a website or website+PPC combo) to compliment your outbound marketing, you're handing the competition leads.

Why Is PPC For Real Estate Investors So Effective? ​

  • Control Who Sees Your Marketing: Control who sees your marketing using the features provided in Google Ads such as: only showing ads to people in your target location, showing ads during specific times of the day, choosing what "keywords" will trigger your ads, setting budget limitations by day.

  • Target Specific Motivations: The goal in real estate investing is to generate motivated seller leads, not just any lead. PPC allows you to target specific keywords (foreclosure, probate, speed of sale, etc) that trigger your ads. This means that when people are searching for a solution to a problem that they have, and you pop up, YOU ARE THE SOLUTION TO THEIR PROBLEM and not the guy sending them their 10th piece of direct mail that week.

  • It Fleshes Out Your Marketing Strategy: PPC allows you to show up at the top of page 1 without having to wait months, or even years, to rank organically. Any outbound marketing that you're doing instantly becomes more effective because you have a presence on page 1. Any outbound marketing that your competition is doing also becomes more effective for you (especially if they don't rank/run Google Ads).

The Lead Farmers PPC Difference

PPC for real estate investor is the heart of Lead Farmers PPC. I've been building and optimizing Google Ads campaigns for real estate investors since 2014, ensuring that each campaign is always focused on quality motivated lead generation while also using the latest PPC strategies. Every Lead Farmers PPC customer gets a campaign proven through real life testing, and a management strategy based on Google's current best practices. Let Lead Farmers PPC take over your Online Lead Generation using our proprietary management strategy, and experience the difference!

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