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What is Real Estate Investor PPC?

What is real estate investor PPC? Simple! PPC stands for Pay Per Click. PPC is a type of advertising where your ads are shown on an advertising platform, and you only pay when somebody clicks on your ads. Pay. Per. Click! One of the huge advantages to PPC advertising is that you can use platforms like Google Ads to get in front of people who are specifically interested in your service. 

Here are a few advantages to real estate investor ppc, and a few drawbacks:

Pro 1: Capture Intent

Real estate investor ppc allows you to place your ads in front of legitimately interested homeowners using a combination of keywords, ads, and bids. Without waiting months for SEO to take effect, you can show up on page 1 and compete for the leads that matter most to you. This makes PPC great for any level of investor looking to make an impact.

Pro 2: Control

As an advertiser, you get to control the keywords that you show up for, the text in the ads that you use, the keyword bids, the budget, and tons more! This makes dialling in ROI easier to do over time than most other types of marketing that require tons of testing, and best guesses on customer interactions.

Pro 3: It's Scalable

Once you hit on something that works for you, you can scale by budget or by area. How you scale is going to depend on what all assets you have available to you, but the fact that there is more than one way to scale Google Ads makes it super flexible.

Con 1: Effective Budget

Many real estate investors want to get started with Google Ads, but don't have an adequate budget to really make an impact. You can get started with a small budget, but the results will be proportional. If the average cost per conversion nationwide is $300/lead, and you want to start with a $500/month budget, you may only get 1 lead/month...if that. You have to be ready to go all in with a budget that is realistic to your market.

Con 2: Lead Overload

There is always the potential that you get too many leads to handle. When you have an initial discussion with Lead Farmers PPC, we discuss exit strategies. Why is this important? It normally shows whether you have the infrastructure in place to handle the amount of leads that you're looking for, and whether you'll need to look at scaling your business. 

Con 3: You Have to Refine It

Google Ads can take time to refine. That's where working with Lead Farmers PPC is a huge benefit. We do refinement daily. Don't have an ad manager? You'll basically need to spend a little time daily working to understand Google Ads and how to manipulate it. PPC isn't a "set it and forget it" strategy.

If you have absolutely any questions about whether real estate investor PPC is right for you, give us a call or fill out the form! We'll get a conversation started and go over what you need to be successful in Google Ads.

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