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3 Metrics You Should Be Tracking in Google Ads

Google Ads is a great marketing platform for almost any advertiser. This is especially true for real estate investors. Every day thousands of motivated sellers take to Google to find a solution for a problem that they have right now.

One of the biggest keys to running a successful Google Ads campaign is knowing your numbers, and what they mean.

"But aren't there hundreds of different numbers to look at?"

Yup! There is a number for everything in Google Ads, but not all of them provide actionable information. This blog is going to cover 3 metrics that I look at every day to determine the overall health of a Google Ads campaign.

CTR (Click Through Rate)

Click Through Rate shows you how well your ads are doing at getting interaction. Are they communicating the right message? Are they attractive enough to click on? My goal as an advertiser is to start everybody off at a 2% CTR and grow their results from there. If you'd like a more detailed explanation of CTR, you can check out our post on CTR here.

Conversion Rate

Your conversion rate is a great indicator of how well your page is selling your product or service to your customers. Knowing this can tell you whether your website needs an overhaul, or if you've hit the nail on the head with design and functionality. My goal conversion rate is 10% to start, but steps should always be taken to grow that result. For more details on conversion rate, click here.

Impression Share

This is one of those metrics that is sneaky good. Impression share is like your online market share. It tells you what percentage of the time you show up in searches relative to the keywords that are in your account. The idea is that you want to show up a majority of the time in order to maximize your probability of getting leads. To learn more about impression share, check out this blog.

Keeping track of these numbers keeps you in the loop on three important factors: how well Google Ads is doing at sending qualified traffic to the site, how well the site is doing at converting that traffic into leads, and how large your market share is. If you only ever looked at these three metrics for determining campaign health, you'd be in solid shape! You don't have to study every number Google Ads has to offer, just the ones that matter most.

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