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3 Tips For Real Estate Investors To Create More Effective Google Ads

Real estate investors using Google Ads to generate leads is becoming a very common practice in both large and small markets. The benefits of showing up at the very top of Google’s search results are too great to overlook. Writing ads is actually as simple as it sounds, but writing better ads than your competition is where things can get tricky. Following the three tips that I’m about to outline will help you increase your CTR and ad score, while providing your potential clients with useful information for their decision making process. More clicks. More leads. More deals.

1. Follow Google’s Best Practices

Google Ads as a platform has some best practices that should be followed by all advertisers in order to achieve the highest possible ad rank. This isn’t any different for real estate investors leveraging Google Ads for lead generation. If you follow Google’s best practices and use that as a baseline, then you’re headed in the right direction in a hurry!

  1. Use the keyword that you are targeting in Headline 1, and in the first sentence of Description Line 1. These two locations help to create relevancy between your ad and the keywords that you are targeting.

  2. Use as many Ad Extensions as possible. Ad Extensions provide additional information that is relevant to your customer’s search, and can help then take action too! Some Ad Extensions direct people to other pages on your site, while others provide phone numbers to contact you directly. These ad extensions also help your ads take up more space at the top of the page, and higher visibility always means more clicks.

You should end up with an ad that looks something like this:

"We Buy Houses" is the first line that pops up in the first Headline, and the first Description Line. There are also some ad extensions listed underneath the actual ad text itself.

2. Include Your Differentiator

If you haven’t figured out what makes you different from other real estate investors providing the same service that you’re providing, stop what you’re doing and get that done. It’s true! As real estate investors, we’re all offering the exact same thing (in general). Cash for houses, fast closing, get an offer today; all of these are part of the pitch. One of the biggest ways to make a difference in your marketing is to find what is different about you and your business, and make that your “thing”.

For example, you might be a veteran owned company. That one difference between you and your competitors might be all that it takes to win over customers through ads (or any other form of marketing really). Your ad might end up looking something like this:

3. Have Clear Calls To Action

This one is actually a pretty easy one to overlook. Many people who are new to advertising get so caught up in letting people know what they do and what they offer that they forget to prompt them to take action. You should always leave room for a call to action. This can be done in one of the headlines, in the description, or in both! For a real estate investor looking to generate leads, this could be something like “Contact Us Today” or “Get Started Now”.

Typically Google Ads doesn’t allow terms like “click” or “call” in ads because it seems too spammy, but you can try a few different variations to see how you can play around with those concepts. “Ring Us Today” or “Visit Our Site” are examples of workarounds that I’ve used and had success with.

Follow Google’s best practices, include your differentiator, and have clear calls to action. These three tips can really help increase the clicks that you get to your lead gen site, and even the direct calls that you get!

If you want to learn more about what I do, or how Google Ads Management for Real Estate Investors works, check out the main site here.

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