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Google Ads Management For Real Estate Investors: 3 Things To Look For

Thinking about working with a Google Ads management company to help with lead generation? If you aren’t familiar with the platform, then that is probably a smart move. Google Ads can be complicated to understand. In the last 2 months Google Ads as a platform has introduced two major changes into that platform that have completely changed the way that advertisers have to look at metrics and performance. Do you have the time to keep up with that? If you’re busy closing deals and talking to motivated sellers, you shouldn’t.

Finding a company that provides Google Ads management for real estate investors can be a little harder than you think. A good match is more than just a reputable company that has tons of clients. You need to find the right company that is the right fit for your business. Here are 3 things that can help you find the right Google Ads agency for you!

1. Find A Company That Specializes In Real Estate Investing.

I can’t tell you how many times I have worked with real estate investors that have had a bad experience with Google Ad management companies that don’t specialize in real estate investing. There are tons of Google Ad agencies out there that boast about leads generated and number of sales, but real estate investing is a super niche industry that relies on a specific type of lead.

The big secret to finding the best Google Ads management for real estate investors is finding a company that understands the intent behind motivated seller keywords. If the company that you’re looking to work with is using keywords like “sell house” or “real estate sale”, RUN! Those keywords show no intent to sell for cash, or to sell quickly. They should be using keywords that show actual motivation so sell to investors. Ask them for examples of the types of keywords that they are using and see what they come back with.

2. Look For Managers With Real Estate Investing Experience.

So you’ve found a company that specializes in Google Ads management for real estate investors. Great! The next step to finding a company that meshes well with yours is working with an account manager inside that company with real estate investing experience. This can be experience gained in one of two ways:

  1. Actual real estate investing: You’re not going to find many Google Ads managers that have hands-on real estate investing experience, but they are out there (Lead Farmers PPC being the best example). Working with an ad manager that has past/current experience eliminates the “language” barrier between the two parties. It also ensures that you’re working with somebody that is on the same page with what you are looking for lead-wise.

  2. Years of working directly with investors: An attentive ad manager that has worked with real estate investors for years can also be effective at running Google Ads campaigns. Ask for, or find, the ones that have taken the time to truly feel out what it is that their customers are looking for from a lead standpoint, and see how well their expectations of lead generation line up with your own.

3. Skip Companies With Ramp Up Periods.

Does it take some time for Google Ads campaigns to start showing your ads? Sure. Does it take 3-6 months to “ramp up” your campaign? It seriously shouldn’t. Google Ads management for real estate investors is hard, but it isn’t rocket science. The right Google Ads management company, and the right Google Ads manager, should be able to start generating meaningful clicks inside of a month. That doesn’t always mean conversions inside of a month, but it does mean search traffic.

Experience and a solid management system should allow a good Google Ads management company to be aggressive from the start. There is no reason why there should be a 3 month learning curve for a company that specializes in a niche industry, and has done so for years. If they charge a setup fee, lock you in for 3 months, and have a 3 month ramp up period (coincidence? I think not!), I would definitely suggest getting a quote from a different provider.

BONUS: Is The Company/Manager Invested In Your Lead Quality?

To me, this is probably the one quality of good Google Ads management for real estate investors that goes untouched. Google Ads companies in general are highly focused on numbers. Are they generating “x” leads? Is your cost per click “x” amount? Are there measurable increases each month? That is all fine, but what most companies and managers fail to ask is “how many of those leads turned into deals? Which ones?”.

Your Google Ads managers should be just as invested in your deals as you are. If they aren’t asking for that feedback, how can you be sure that they are doing everything that they can to get you more deals, not just more leads? If this isn't something that they bring up in their pitch, it’s probably not something that they’re doing.

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