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PPC For Real Estate Agents Is Here

Lead Farmers PPC is celebrating its 1 year anniversary this week, and it's been quite a ride. Starting a business is tough enough, but trying to make one flourish during a pandemic has been the most grey hair producing experience ever. None the less, Lead Farmers PPC has done just that. Flourished.

Since October 2019, Lead Farmers PPC has specialized in providing motivated seller leads for real estate investors all over the world, including: The United States, Australia, Canada, England, and South Africa. While I've worked with Google Ads for over 6 years now, this last 8 months has shed some light on how motivated seller lead generation has changed, not only in the U.S., but in markets all over the world.

Most Sellers Are Motivated

Over the last 2 years the housing market has slowly turned into hardcore sellers market. Many homeowners have been able to sell their homes at, or above, list price. Homes have also gone from selling in months to selling in days. This causes home sellers to get distressed when their homes don't sell immediately after they hit the market, causing their motivation to skyrocket.

Every Seller Wants Retail Value

Okay, maybe not EVERY seller wants retail value for their homes, but MANY of the leads generated over the last 8 months have been from sellers wanting close to retail value for their homes. They know that neighbor Joe sold his house for $300K, so why shouldn't theirs? Maybe their home needs repairs. Maybe it needs updating. Maybe it could sell for $300K.

Now more than ever, these motivated sellers need to be educated on what their options are and sold on why YOUR approach is the right one for them. But given the choice between 60%-70% value for your home and 100% market value, you'd choose market value as often as you could. For most motivated sellers over the last 8 months, that has been their choice. Cash, speed of sale, and convenience have really been secondary.

This Is The New Norm

Haven't people been starting their home selling journey online? Yup! BUT, they haven't always been searching using "motivated terms". There is an overwhelming sense of urgency around getting homes sold right now, and as long as this remains a great seller's market, retail and distressed sellers alike will continue to have that urgency. This is the new normal going forward. "Motivation" based leads aren't just big for investors anymore. Retail sellers are more motivated now than in recent years!

We're Now Helping Real Estate Agents

Lead Farmers PPC is excited to offer PPC for real estate agents! Real estate agents will now be able to generate motivated seller and buyer leads using Google Ads and Lead Farmers PPC's proven hands-off management. If you're a real estate agent looking to generate listings from home owners that are motivated to sell, contact us today and we'll get a conversation started!

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