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6 Tips For Optimizing Videos

Updated: Dec 8, 2020

Videos can be a huge asset for any real estate investor. In 2019, clients of mine that had a video next to the form at the top of their lead generation websites averaged almost 10% higher conversion rates than clients using traditional text. That is HUGE. Why do videos work so well?

They provide tons of info in a tiny space.

One thing I’ve firmly believed since getting into the digital marketing field is that if you can put it into text, you SHOULD put it into a video. When you want a quick answer to something, would you rather dig through text for it, or have it presented to you in an easy to listen to/view format? You can cover an entire page worth of content in a 1.5 minute long video. Fit that video at the top of the page and you’ve given your motivated visitors no reason not to call or submit a form. No scrolling or clicking off of the home page needed.

They build relationships.

As a real estate investor, you probably answer almost every phone call that comes your way, whether you know the person or not. There are millions and millions of people that aren’t like that at all. They don’t answer calls from people that they don’t know, and they don’t answer the door for strangers.

So when these folks submit a form to work with your business, the first outreach made to them from your business is from a stranger. This is where a video can help. If you provide a self shot explainer video at the top of the page, your potential customers can put a name to a face. You might use it to introduce the team, explain how your process works, or let people know what number you’ll contact them from. You get to build a relationship with them before ever actually meeting them.

Videos are super versatile.

Any video can be used more than once! Sure, an explainer video made specifically for a website (“click the ‘cash offer’ button, call the number below, check out our testimonials”, etc), but there are a ton of instances where they can be used more than once. Let's say you have a closing. Instead of asking for a written testimonial, you get a camera out and film one instead. That video can go on your site, it can be used on Facebook, and it can be placed on YouTube. Make a video once, and it’ll continue to perform for years.

Tips for Creating/Optimizing Videos

  1. Create one unified message including the following:

    1. Who you are

    2. Where you operate

    3. Who you help

    4. What makes you different

  2. Map 3 different video lengths using that messaging as best as possible.

    1. 15 seconds

    2. 30 seconds

    3. 1 Minute and 30 Seconds

  3. Title the videos according to what they are about.

    1. Example: a video on foreclosure could read as “Avoid Foreclosure and Sell to [Business Name] | 123-456-7890”.

  4. Use Tags (Facebook and YouTube)

    1. Example: a testimonial video might have the tags #realestateinvestor #cashoffer #testimonial #review #city #state.

    2. Make them relevant to the main topic of the video, but take the time to add some branded ones in as well.

  5. Video descriptions in YouTube and post text in Facebook should include the following:

    1. The primary keyword in the first paragraph (ex: We’re [business name] and we buy houses in [city] for an explainer video).

    2. Business name

    3. Phone number

    4. Full website url

    5. Call to action

  6. Include captions so that people scrolling through Facebook can view your video and its contents without volume (done through Facebook. This should also be done in YouTube).

These are just some basic tips for video optimization, but they can go a long way. Each one of these tips can be applied to different platforms and different video topics. If you’d like any more in depth tips on video/web page optimizations, just leave a comment!

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